About Andrew Anderson & Sons

Ross Anderson

Andrew Anderson & Sons Funeral Directors 2008- Present

I started working for Andrew Anderson & Sons Funeral Directors which was Grandfathers business , in 2008. In December 2008,  I decided to take the exciting opportunity to travel the world with my now wife Laura. When we came back I was keen to learn as much as possible about funeral directing so I enrolled in The National Association of Funeral Directing (NAFD) to study a Diploma in Funeral Directing. After passing this course I decided to go on an embalming course throughout studying I continued to work for Andrew Anderson & Sons to gain as much experience as I could. In 2014 my Grandfather decided that, after 45 years in business, this was the right time for him to slow down and the opportunity became available to purchase his business. It is a honour. I promise to keep to the traditions that my Grandfather has taught me and use my training to continue to help people in their time of need.

Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson & Sons Funeral Directors 1969-Present

I started my career as a joiner in Fife then moved to Callander and I continued working as a joiner. After my fourth child was born my wife, Nancy, and I decided to start our own joinery business, Andrew Anderson & Sons was Founded in 1969. The opportunity then arose for me to become involved in funerals and in 1970 Andrew Anderson & Sons become Funeral Directors & Joiners and started to serve Callander and the Stirling area. Helping people in their time of need is of great importance to me as there is no greater honour than being asked to carry out someone’s loved ones funeral. In 2014 my Grandson, Ross, took over the business and I know that he will continue to work hard to provide a good service to the local community. I feel a great sense of pride watching him.